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How to make your own sports drink

Posted On Wednesday, 01st June 2011 by James Marshall

Lucozade and Red Bull are expensive

how to make your own sports drinkbut not necessarily better than water (see here for comparison)

The label on water  states that it contains no carbohydrates, sugars, protein or fat for that matter.

Water acts as a buffer when body temperature rises if there is high specific heat (the specific heat of water equals 1 when 1 kilogram of water is heated 1°C between 15 and 16°C).

However the effects of water are to cool you down, rehydrate and help increase the mineral and vitamin absorption of a daily diet. Electrolytes are something that Lucozade does not contain enough of.

Some fluid facts

  • Fluid losses of 1–2% of body weight or greater induce the need for fluid and electrolyte replacement.
  • Losses as small as 1–2% of body weight stimulates thirst.
  • The hypothalamus is the center of the brain where thirst regulation is dictated
  • Fluid replacement guidelines have been established to minimize exertional dehydration.
  • Dehydration, as defined by a 2% loss of euhydrated body weight, negatively impacts athletic performance.
  • An athlete engaged in prolonged exercise can lose 5 L of fluid per day with a range of 4,600–5,750 mg sodium and much smaller amounts of potassium.

3 different types of sports drink

Isotonic - quickly replaces fluids lost by sweating and supplies a boost of carbohydrate. This drink is the choice for most athletes - middle and long distance running or team sports. Glucose is the body's preferred source of energy therefore it may be appropriate to consume Isotonic drinks where the carbohydrate source is glucose in a concentration of 6% to 8% - e.g. High Five, SiS Go, Boots Isotonic, Lucozade Sport.

Hypotonic - quickly replaces fluids lost by sweating. Suitable for athletes who need fluid without the boost of carbohydrate e.g. jockeys and gymnasts.

Hypertonic - used to supplement daily carbohydrate intake normally after exercise to top up muscle glycogen stores. In ultra distance events, high levels of energy are required and Hypertonic drinks can be taken during exercise to meet the energy demands. If used during exercise Hypertonic drinks need to be used in conjunction with Isotonic drinks to replace fluids.

Want to make your own?

Isotonic - 200ml of orange squash (concentrated orange), 1 litre of water and a pinch of salt (1g). Mix all the ingredients together and keep chilled

Hypotonic - 100ml of orange squash (concentrated orange), 1 litre of water and a pinch of salt (1g). Mix all the ingredients together and keep chilled.

Hypertonic - 400ml of orange squash (concentrated orange), 1 litre of water and a pinch of salt (1g). Mix all the ingredients together and keep chilled.

Replacing sodium, after exercise is very important. Lucozade sport contains 23mg of sodium whereas the other types do not contain enough for replenishing what the body has lost through sweating and exercise.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue with only 2% body water loss potentially causing this. Therefore maintaining hydration during an event is crucial.

Although Lucozade contains enough sodium, water is still the best for hydration.

Matt Brookland


Or you could add a fluid

Or you could add a fluid replacement powder to the orange juice and water. This'll help with the replacement of minerals lost through sweat.

This is really good it

This is really good it definitely solves the problem of having to buy really expensive sports drinks! Just want to clarify one thing-the hypertonic drink is supposed to be taken after exercise-is that right? Cheers!

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